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The Dying Tide, Pt. III


Timechild - And Yet It Moves


“And Yet It Moves” skillfully taps into the essence of hard rock’s greatest architects and wrings a few drops of fresh inspiration from their lofty achievements, all while demonstrating some serious songwriting chops and a whole heap of gritty charm. TIMECHILD are expert time travelers. Why not thumb a lift?” – Dom Lawson, Blabbermouth!


And Yet It Moves

Timechild is Massive and organic progressive heavy rock from Copenhagen, Denmark. The band’s soundscape consists of powerful and soaring lead vocals, characteristic twin guitars and atmospheric vocal harmonies, all combined into their own unique Scandinavian

The title of the album “And Yet It Moves” is, according to legend, the last words that physicist and philosopher Galileo Galilei said after the Vatican forced him to recant his scientific belief, that the Earth moves around the sun and not the other way around. Precisely this human search for the purpose of our own existence and struggle to elevate ourselves above the laws of nature, is a recurring theme in the album’s textual universe.

The record is produced, mixed and mastered by Søren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Jesper Binzer, Thundermother, Marco Mendoza, Artillery). With his experience in the genre, both as a producer and musician, Søren was a natural choice when the band’s songs were to be immortalized. The result is nine songs that broadly show the band’s dynamic range. From quiet, dark and melodic passages, over marching twin guitars to heavy and energetic heavy rock.

Blossom & Plague

The Dying Tide Part III serves as the opening track to Timechild’s upcoming second album, ‘Blossom & Plague’. Representing the final chapter of a longer trilogy, the track showcases the band’s evolution towards a darker and more progressive sound compared to their earlier releases. Furthermore, the heavy and dynamic sound of the track is complemented by poignant lyrics that explore humanity’s complex relationship with nature. While we exploit nature for our benefit, we must also accept our place within it. In essence, ‘The Dying Tide Part III’ offers a glimpse of the profound themes and powerful musicality that can be expected from Timechild’s new album.”

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timechild band photo - members: Anders Folden, Birk, Martin haumann and Danny posing in a cave.

Looking for a band that combines classic rock, metal, and prog to create a unique sound that will leave you speechless? Look no further than Timechild, the new band on the scene that’s already turning heads with their dynamic music and engaging live performances.

Formed in 2021, Timechild wasted no time in making their mark on the music world. Their music blends old-school rock and modern innovation, with soaring guitar riffs, powerful drums, and intricate vocal harmonies.

If you’re a fan of Opeth, Baroness, Green Lung, or Black Sabbath, you’ll find a lot to love in Timechild’s music. Their sound is characterized by a masterful use of dynamics and a keen sense of melody that will keep you coming back for more.

Timechild’s ability to craft intricate and powerful vocal harmonies sets them apart. The band members work together seamlessly to add depth and complexity to their music, taking it to new heights.

However, Timechild doesn’t solely focus on technical virtuosity. The band has a reputation for delivering lively and passionate live performances, brimming with energy and enthusiasm. They possess a natural talent for engaging with their audience, and they infect others with their passion for their craft.

If you’re searching for a band that blends classic rock, metal, and prog to produce something truly unique, Timechild is the answer. With their one-of-a-kind sound and undeniable talent, they’re destined to leave a lasting impression on the music industry. Don’t miss the chance to catch them live or add their music to your playlist today!